Hey shopping peeps!
Long time ever since i've updated ya.
But i had just updated with tons of clothes (:
All price can nego BUT pls be reasonable!
Be kind to me, i'll be kind to you.
Cash deals over trades ya!
(Even if trade deals are cfm, cash deals still avail)
Prices are slashed!
(See the prices that is cheaper. P/s only most of the item not all)
If u still find it ex, can slight nego with me(:
But everything is quite cheap already.
Ohya, one last thing,
I'm having my 'O' levels this year thus will be very busy!
All meet ups at woodlands, cck or yew tee only.
If not, opt for postage! (:
Hope this doesnt stop u from buying from me
Enjoy shopping babes !
And, i'm looking for crop tops and denim high waist shorts.
Let me know if u have any people thanks.
Trades preferred.