Hair Extensions

Hair extensions

Hair extensions
Colour true to 2nd pic.
Those tired to your hair kind.
Total those that u buy outside, total have 165strains.
But when tied to ur hair, 5strains is put together as one.
Only used for 3 days then took out cos my hair dont look natural
cos my hair is reborned kind and these are not. So is weird for me.
Thus selling it. WASHED so no worries :D
Some have come off the strains by strains so i used rubber bands to
tied it all up. When u go to the shop, they will help u with it :)
But note that small amount of money is needed
for the person to help u tie on.
Did all for $120++
Selling it now only at $70!!!.
No nego pls as is alr very cheap.
Best is to buyers that knows about hair extensions cos i dont hope
ppl to ask alot questions about it.
Dont trust me, Then dont buy as simple as that!
Is really my loss and ur gain.
Does not fits my hair thus selling.